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Steve Marks

Acting Chairman

The 56-year-old Steven Marks is a veteran of public service, with 33 years of service to the State of Oregon. Director Marks joined the Oregon Liquor Control Commission in October 2013 and has been working on the implementation of recreational marijuana since the passage of Ballot Measure 91 in November 2014. Marks has also led the agency in the largest retail expansion since Prohibition, improving customer convenience by increasing the number of retail locations that sell distilled spirits.

Prior to joining the Oregon Liquor Control Commission as Executive Director, he served as a policy advisor in the Office of the Senate President, a Senior Policy Advisor to the Governor, and as Chief of Staff to the Governor during his service to the state. From 2004 to 2010 Marks was president of his own public policy and public affairs consulting business, The Marks Network. In 2013, he returned to state government service as a policy advisor within the Chief Operations Officer's Office, Oregon Department of Administrative Services.

Marks earned his undergraduate degree and Master’s Degree in Public Policy, Planning, and Management from the University of Oregon.