Purpose of Practice

Business Alliance Program: Community Training,Over Consumption Prevention Initiatives, Seller/Server Training [ A Business Alliance is an umbrella organization working to implement prevention, education and enforcement programs that have a direct impact on a neighborhood’s alcohol related social issues.

Description of Practice

Business Alliances serve as a community based umbrella organization under which local business owners’ work with state, county and city governments to customize and implement comprehensive prevention, education and enforcement programs addressing alcohol abuse, drinking in public and related issues. Alliance partners typically include the Department of Liquor Control, local and county police departments, local businesses that sell/serve alcohol, volunteer groups, State and County Highway Safety Offices, local non-profits, the Maryland Hospitality Education Foundation and others. Alliance initiatives are intended to have a direct impact on the neighborhood’s alcohol related, social issues where these partnerships exist. Community Outreach Business Alliance goals and objectives are to: • Reduce drunk driving and alcohol related crime stemming from over service and alcohol service to underage persons • Provide incentives and resources for responsible hospitality • Enhance capacity of existing agencies and associations to use resources more affectively • Improve practices of high risk establishments through risk assessments, trainings and business meetings • Create specific operational criteria for new businesses • Facilitate efficient accessibility to information and educational programs on responsible hospitality • Enhance professional skills and image of those working in the industry Program tools include: • Culturally competent state certified alcohol server training • Owner/Manager policy seminars • Cops in Shops Program (CIS)* • Risk Assessments • Enhanced Enforcement through Extra Eyes** • Local business meetings Managed by the Montgomery County Department of Liquor Control, all services and program tools are free to the participating businesses. Police overtime, server trainings and outreach materials are grant funded. *Century Council Program ** Montgomery County Department of Police Program

Success or Improvements

It was found that prior to this effort many businesses and their staff had not been provided adequate resources or culturally competent training needed to be able to take responsibility for patrons and avoid high BACs. Consistently, pre and post tests given before and after server trainings show a significant increase in knowledge by participants trained. The increase in alcohol knowledge of those trained positively reinforces alcohol regulation compliance, improving businesses and the community they serve. Additionally, the often isolated businesses establish a trust with local enforcement and county agencies to encourage future outreach. Policy building, teaching best practices and having the backing of police and code enforcement officials are imperative to reducing high BACs and preventing alcohol service to a known habitually addicted individual or someone who shows signs of intoxication. Shared ownership of the program maximizes media attention, participation and personal reward. Moreover, participants learn from each other and build a network that carries beyond the Business Alliance program, helping to build stronger communities.

Evaluation of the Practice

In 2009 pre and post tests conducted before and after server trainings (In Spanish) showed a 14% increase in knowledge. In 2008, the same showed a 37% increase. The rate of knowledge gained for the previous year, 2007, was 29%.


The 2007 Montgomery’s BEST Award for Partnership. The 2008 National Association of Counties (NACO) Award for Collaboration


Name: Emily DeTitta, Community Outreach Prog. Manager 
Agency: Montgomery County Department of Liquor Control 
Address: 16650 Crabbs Branch Way , Rockville, MD 20855, Rockville, MD 20855 
Tele: 240-777-1904 
Email: emily.detitta@montgomerycounty.gov