Purpose of Practice

The purpose of this initiative was to provide the Wyoming Liquor Divisions retailers with a 24 hour ordering and information system.

Success or Improvements

By providing our retailers with a web site that provides online ordering we have provided increased customer service and taken some of the strain off of our accounting department that provides telephone ordering service during business hours.

Evaluation of the Practice

We currently have 724 out of 1200 retailers actively using eliquor and 46 industry reps using eliquor. The web site receives just under 5,000 hits a month with approximately 2,500 orders placed per month.


Name: Scott Sheppard, IT Administrator 
Agency: Wyoming Liquor Division 
Address: 1520 E. 5th Street, Cheyenne, WY 82002 
Tele: 307-777-5866 
Email: sshepp@state.wy.us