Purpose of Practice

To educate law enforcement personnel on other liquor law violations they could be citing for, not just sales to minors.

Description of Practice

The department created a laminiated ticket book card for law enforcement. This card is intended to fit inside their ticket books for easy reference. The card lists several liquor law violations that personnel may see while out in the field. The lists the code number and description. Cards were distributed to approximately 125 jurisdictions. This included police departments, sheriff departments, college campus police, and tribal reservation agencies.

Success or Improvements

This project has just been launched so we don't currently have much feedback. We have heard from law enforcement that they think it is a good idea. Due to recent launch date, we have not yet seen any increase in variety of citations issued as of yet.


Law enforcement personnel have stated they like the idea.


Name: Lisa Scates 
Agency: Montana Department of Revenue-Liquor Control Division 
Address: P.O. Box 1712, Helena, MT 59624 
Tele: 406-444-4307 
Email: liscates@mt.gov