GOP tax law loophole could offer foreign liquor makers unfair advantage, experts caution

The new Republican tax law counts on a small, little-known federal agency to ensure a tax provision aimed at helping small liquor producers does not become a loophole large foreign distillers can exploit.

At issue is the law's tax cut for hard liquor producers, dropping a tax from $13.50 per proof gallon (a measure of the liquor's quantity and alcohol content) to $2.70 per proof gallon.

A major alcohol firm pulled all ads from Snapchat because it can't be 100% sure children weren't seeing them

Multi-billion pound drinks giant Diageo has suspended all its ads on Snapchat after the UK's advertising watchdog ruled that the alcohol firm couldn't be 100% sure its ads weren't being seen by underage users.

We first saw the news via The Wall Street Journal.

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Should you take a shot on spirits or bet on beer?

While parts of the alcohol industry have come under increased pressure over recent years, sparking a wave of consolidation among the likes of pub operators, distillers and brewers have proven to be resilient in both bull and bear markets, with strong market fundamentals sustaining demand for a tipple.

A market supported by booming population growth.

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