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Report to Congress on the Prevention/Reduction of Underage Drinking - A Report to Congress providing information on the nature and extent of the problem.

Third Edition: An Annotated Bibliography & Review - A comprehensive research tool featuring beverage alcohol policy and research.

Report: The Fake Alcohol Situation in the U.S. - Former TTB Chief Counsel Discusses Report at 7th Annual Alcohol Law and Policy Conference.

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Party-breakup training: Law enforcement officers practice Oklahoma alcohol compliance laws India's Kerala High Court upholds alcohol ban ‘Urgent action’ needed to halt alcohol abuse in armed forces Capital Wine & Spirits donation will buy 600 turkeys for food bank Responsible Retailing Forum receives funding for two studies to test new strategies to reduce underage sales. (NEWS... Wet-Dry campaigns enter home stretch Florida's craft beer growler ban battle spills into federal court 'Don't risk it' warning on new drink drive limit Booze control: AGLC reminds twentysomethings to bring ID before enjoying a cold-one Fewer teens drink at parties in communities with ‘social host’ laws Sazerac says Fireball not being recalled in North America Virginia ABC Special Agent Named President of National Law Enforcement Organization (Release) Decoding legal pot: Answering questions on Measure 91 Ballot Question 2: Expanding the 'Bottle Bill' Exhibit examines Prohibition in Issaquah Youth Advocates Warn Residents Not to be 'Social Hosts' Arkansas Liquor Stores Join Churches to Save Dry Counties (Excerpt) New York Attorney General investigates Monster Energy’s marketing tactics toward college students Round-Up - The ICAP Digest - October 2014 New Hampshire Liquor Commission to Host One of the Largest Spirit Tastings in the Nation You Can Now Buy Alcohol on Sunday Mornings in Massachusetts Arkansas Liquor Stores Join Churches to Save Dry Counties NB Liquor fundraising ban has charities worried businesses will follow Dangerous vodka warning sent to hundreds of shops Wine Cellar That Became Air Raid Shelter For Mussolini Beers group launches campaign on road safety N.J. considers providing more services for women vets Family-focused intervention program leads to fewer drop-out rates among Mexican American children Two firms in dispute over moonshine trademark 2,447 bottles of wine on the wall, and Pennsylvania plans to dump them Rules say any NH medical marijuana store will be far from flashy Council to decide ban on fortified alcohol in Tacoma’s north, west ends Liquor sales are big business for state In legalization battles, alcohol defines the politics of marijuana Scotland to reduce drink-drive limit Booze and break-ins kept authorities busy in late 1930 Pot vs. Beer: Legalization Advocates Push Comparison of Marijuana And Alcohol Book details epidemic of alcohol abuse among retirees Brew Talks: Legislative Efforts Made and Those to Come in Texas Virginia ABC Promotes Safer Campus Communities During College Tour Conference at University of Richmond (News Release) Comptroller Finds No Issues With Liquor Deal; Wholesaler Cleared In Investigation Supreme Court takes up Saline County alcohol ballot issue Beer enthusiasts campaign for changes in state liquor laws Package stores aren't toasting expanded Sunday hours Canadian booze labeling makes it hard to know how much we drink Everything you should know about binge drinking Anheuser-Busch sues over beer distribution Beer sales resume at Shippensburg Sheetz Indian Center permanently bans alcohol after incident on Husker game day Majority of New Jerseyans oppose booze on the Atlantic City boardwalk, poll finds New booze bus technology launched ABC Awards Thousands of Dollars to 23 California Police Agencies Grant Money comes from the California Office of... Canadian Centre for Substance Abuse wants alcohol included in federal strategy NABCA Control State Results TTB NEWSLETTER | Weekly News Alcoholic drinks makers lead way on climate change adaptation Liquor Commission Calls for Stricter Regulation for Party Buses State Liquor Control Board posts pot sales, fines online for banks Non-Smoker Exposure to Secondhand Cannabis Smoke. I. Urine Screening and Confirmation Results. ABC Awarded $1.5 Million Grant: Grant comes from the California Office of Traffic Safety for Multiple Programs Costco's liquor licence request knocked back by Adelaide court ahead of expansion into SA Stark challenge posed by alcohol Gubernatorial Campaign Leaves Liquor Privatization Behind Chesterfield ABC Store Closed for Remodeling RIC lectures target drinking among athletes ASUN to host National Collegiate Alcohol Forum Liquor Store Owners Diversify Products As Wine-In-Grocery-Stores Vote Nears France set to stamp out binge drinking: Country planning laws that will jail or fine people who encourage excessive... Drones could become familiar sight over Wine Country Aussie sport criticized over "unhealthy" sponsors State to cut 565 jobs, shutter correctional facilities to close revenue gap Town hall meeting on alcohol gives advice to parents, students Indiana school district defends plan to allow alcohol on school grounds Protest outside liquor outlets Finland backs Scottish minimum alcohol pricing Total NHS Alcohol-related Admissions in England Nears 10 Million Court seeks govt officials’ report over deaths by toxic liquor What Happens When Liquor Licensees Operate Outside Their Boundaries? Wine in grocery store ads hitting TV statewide The new sheriff in town [Editorial] Wrentham working on creating first 'BYOB' liquor license Is alcohol or marijuana more dangerous? South Portland, Lewiston referenda highlight conflicting views Lebanon has witnessed a boom on the alcohol scene recently B.C. is a bright spot for consumer choice Maine Moving Toward Ending Marijuana Prohibition? Influential Costco executive discusses wine business in Q&A IPTM awarded $4.5 million in grants to expand law enforcement training online Global Alcohol Detection Breath Analyzers Market 2014-2018 Ban on alcohol: Hindu MNA urges govt to reconsider bill Navy bans alcohol on ships at sea (Excerpt) Beer industry unites for 'clean' growler bill in 2015 TIPS Launches eTIPS On Premise -- EspanolHealth Communications, Inc. Introduces Spanish-Language Version of Online... Small retailers join alcohol fight Gerontological Society of America’s Annual Scientific Meeting to Include Discussion of Virginia’s Alcohol and Aging... Bismarck Police, DOT Work Together in Drunk Driving Crackdown Drinks summit talks business growth Underage bar entry in Naperville more of a long shot NH's Booze Boom Jack Daniel’s Starts Petition For Own Stamp Cardston’s 109 year booze ban remains after ‘no’ vote in plebiscite Opposing groups spar on wine in grocery stores referendum Alcohol abuse linked to number of licensed premises OR: Oregon rolls out legal-pot plan far different from Washington’s University of Washington students create an intoxication monitoring bracelet that could stop sexual violence NBWA Announces Board of Directors Salt Lake City hiring controversial 'beer decoys' Court to take up Arkansas alcohol sales measure Germany’s beer industry looks to U.S. Vt. state police resume releasing DUI breath test results Cardston, Alberta to hold plebiscite on allowing alcohol sales Warning labels about cancer on alcohol: do we need them? Teens With Poor Working Memory Are More Likely To See Experimental Drug Use Become A Problem J.J. Taylor Distributing Florida, Inc. Named 2014 Craft Beer Distributor of the Year Responsible drinking—beyond the bartender TTB Newsletter | Weekly News More Older Adults Are Struggling With Substance Abuse Open Market Dropped County Liquor Revenue By 35%; Six Positions Cut Last Month Target opens its first liquor store in Minnesota since 1970s NHS Considers Drug For ‘Mild Alcoholics’ EABL owner Diageo signs pact to reduce alcohol abuse Judge in SD dismisses woman's case after ruling that abuse laws don't apply to unborn children A Complete Guide To All Of The Beer And Wine The World Drinks MARTA alcohol ads raise questions Children As Young As 11 Arrested For Drink Driving Leading Producers of Beer, Wine, and Spirits Launch Digital Guiding Principles
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