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Report to Congress on the Prevention/Reduction of Underage Drinking - A Report to Congress providing information on the nature and extent of the problem.

Third Edition: An Annotated Bibliography & Review - A comprehensive research tool featuring beverage alcohol policy and research.

Report: The Fake Alcohol Situation in the U.S. - Former TTB Chief Counsel Discusses Report at 7th Annual Alcohol Law and Policy Conference.

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State agency launches investigation into businesses accepting IDs Why do we pay so much for alcohol? Energy drinks and alcohol can lead to intense risk-taking - but only for some Should Alcohol Show Calories? Pill To Cut Alcohol Dependency Available On NHS U.Va. board looks at alcohol as factor in sex assaults Online Drinks Gifting App Launched Alcohol and drug trends presentation coming to ML Coaster booze ban idea revived In latest push for Sunday liquor sales in Minnesota, a new strategy Vermont auditor questions state role in liquor Michigan spirits: In beer-thirsty state, craft distilleries wage uphill battle Activists make push for legalization of marijuana in Idaho Local Governments Want Changes To Oregon’s New Marijuana Law Thought Leader | Brewers of Europe: EU alcohol strategy Low-tech method provides data on drinking habits in older adults FDA to order calorie counts on menus Can a college principal be on liquor company's board? New billboard urges weed responsibility Nationally touring exhibition, Spirited: Prohibition in America to open Panola College SABMiller boosts fight against illegal alcohol Marijuana Industry Sets Its Sights On The Mainstream Japan rivals Scotland in race for best whisky Emergency department survey reinforces the need for national leadership on alcohol harms Law firm builds practice around alcohol Erwin taking shots at regulation for liquor-by-the-drink 'Changing attitudes to alcohol' is key to stopping Manchester booze problem Close Friends Have More Influence than Peers on Teens' Alcohol Use Why One State Wants to Ban Powdered Alcohol Virginia ABC Stores Closed Thanksgiving Day Liquor Retailing in Australia Industry Market Research Report Now Updated by IBISWorld Super-Rich Spend $8 Billion On Booze State's marijuana income expected to get much higher Keep the LCBO but run it like a business Alcohol Mouthsprays Possible Liquor Mart strike could impact holiday shoppers Prevalence of Alcohol Dependence Among US Adult Drinkers, 2009–2011 (EXCERPT) ABLE Challenges CPN On Sunday Liquor Sales Vast majority of Americans who drink excessively are not alcoholics, new CDC study shows Beer industry turns to youth to deepen awareness on responsible drinking 'Booze Traveler' host explores how world drinks Control State Results for October 2014 How do Washington, Colorado track their pot? Can You Bring Alcohol on a Plane? Ohio House votes to ban powdered alcohol 'Level playing field' for B.C. liquor stores Britain's Pub Sector Slumps On Vote To End 'Beer Tie' B.C. to allow alcohol in grocery stores from April 1, 2015 Alcohol sales in Iowa leveling off but still record Flexibility Key to Success in Liquor Logistics There's a black market for beer. And it's bad for drinkers West End Latest To Be Added To Fortified Booze Ban Oregon cities plan to seek legislative OK for pot taxes High Prices at SAQs Drive Debate Over Privatization LOCAL group advocates to change state’s beer, liquor laws Alberta Liquor commission changes rules so breweries can serve onsite American Brewing could be contract brewery at former Olympia Brewery site Shorter Welcome Week leads to decreased alcohol use Marijuana Legalization Advocates Say Alcohol Regulation is a Model to Follow! Europe joins actions to reduce alcohol related harm Govt Accused Of Selling Alcoholic Products To Kids Snorting alcohol is dangerous new trend Alcohol sales by government warehouses down in Nunavut Alcohol Taxes Can Improve Health, Lead to More Jobs “Alcohol Reward and Reminder Program” Looks to Address Underage Drinking in Montana Imbibing in Utah grows with population, state alcohol report shows Liquor Licensees Now Able to Get 10 Percent Discount on Products Sold at PLCB eCommerce Store 'Dry January' alcohol abstinence has year-round benefits Poison control centers are fielding calls about young kids consuming energy drinks ABC remains state's cash cow as board considers markup of liquor prices Change to law lessens restrictions on craft beer, cider production Hidden toll of drinking among retired professional women Tories Propose Sobriety Tags For Offenders Council and health bosses join forces to help children at risk of harm through 'passive drinking' Liquor That's 95% Alcohol May Have Killed Teen ABC Board Approves Revenue Enhancements to Help Close State Budget Shortfall and Reinvest in Agency Business Systems Advocates want more money from liquor sales to treat addiction Va. ABC holds training session for local bartenders Liquor control board investigates Seahawks fan’s commemorative wine bottles Push for Sunday alcohol sales gets big boost from state chamber Alcohol and Energy Drinks: A Match Made in Hell (Video) Beer makers to intensify lobbying for tax rationalisation Alcohol delivery app draws praise, criticism Craft beer industry settles into northeastern Ontario ABCC examining brewers, others for law violations North East drinkers urged to ditch the booze and have a Dry January Panel calls for changes to LCBO and Beer Store Travel insurance policies might not cover you if alcohol is involved (Excerpt) NH Liquor Commission Division of Enforcement and Licensing Reports 99% Compliance Rate in Manchester Synthetic... Discounts and 80th Anniversary Gift Card Drawing Highlight Black Friday Sale at Virginia ABC Stores Gov.-elect Wolf should give taxpayers more control and increase transparency: Michael Morrill and Donald Cohen (Op-Ed) New NIAAA resource gives guidance on treatment options for alcohol problems Banning kids from liquor stores not on government radar LCBO close to deals for grocery store kiosks in Toronto, Mississauga, London Peer institutions’ alcohol rules more lenient in practice than on paper Bites of History: The origin of bourbon’s name remains a mystery Caution required on liquor sales Two Washington liquor board members leaving Ban Considered On Powdered Alcohol In Ohio The most popular liquor brands in N.C Potential ban on powdered alcohol in Wisconsin, pending federal approval Contraband tobacco seized by AB Gaming and Liquor Commission Poll shows Utahns think liquor laws hurt economic development, though most believe alcohol access not difficult Vermont holds public hearings about marijuana legalization Tourism Commission hopes to bolster revenue by doubling state liquor tax Poll Finds Support for Marijuana Legalization Down From Last Year Are Brits programmed to be too disinhibited when drinking alcohol? Va. ABC college tour making stop in Richmond US wine on track for extraordinary 2014 vintage following perfect weather pattern and harvest timing (Press Release) Beer sales up as Red Stripe posts $476 million in 3Q profit The effect of liquor licensing laws on alcohol purchasing rates in New Zealand and Australia Parents Seek Truth Of Peer Pressure Through ‘Reality Parties’ Hosted In South Pasadena WJTV INVESTIGATES: How Much Are Alcohol Laws Costing Mississippi? ABC Board sponsors Alcohol Abuse Education in Ashe County Schools $12 "vodka" sells out despite promotion being slammed by alcohol research group Alcohol And Weight: Everything You Need To Know Column: Alcohol reform sobers up colleges drunk on deceit Penn law alum practices in the alcoholic beverage industry Girl born with fetal alcohol disorder wants to sue mom Virginia ABC Opens its First Store in Carrollton (Release) Polish vodka trouble gives Stock a headache WSU's Wine Science Center is on course to open next year at Richland Colleges warn: Binge drinking dangerous, not about fun Smirnoff launches Frozen Pouches Wolf at the door Council adopts zoning rules for pot stores California brewers assess political, business challenges AB InBev to Acquire Oregon Craft Brewer Who Buys Wine Online? New scrutiny for brewery tastings Arkansans say no to alcohol statewide 60-plus Tennessee areas vote for wine in supermarkets Sask. will look at Alberta-style liquor store privatization Oregon voters legalize recreational pot SC to permit sales of liquor for first time on Election Day Singapore plans to restrict public consumption of alcohol Liquor sales under microscope 'Stronger warnings needed' over pregnant women drinking Kids and Booze: Supervised sips at the Thanksgiving Table Check out the tax on this liquor at Costco Food-to-booze ratios hit the polls Virginia distillers urge McAuliffe to nix liquor price increase Liquor stores face strict alcohol carding laws Looming liquor sachet ban stirs debate in Malawi Water encouraged in alcohol campaign Helpful animation explains the effects alcohol has on your body Revealed: why one in four young people never drinks alcohol Heineken focus on beer and cider NPD Diageo to Take Full Control of Don Julio Everything you need to know about the 146 state ballot measures voters will consider Tuesday Pro-wine groups spend $1.16 million in October Will Arkansas’ Prohibition Finally End? What If States Just Sold Marijuana Themselves? Alcohol law still surprising Pa. speakeasy operators TIPS training reinforces alcohol education for off-campus, Greek-affiliated students DC bill would allow pot to be regulated like booze Flashy Alberta binge drinking campaign gets mixed reviews Alcohol calorie content: Labels needed, say doctors Global liquor giants gear up for next round of fight over Tennessee whiskey rules Party-breakup training: Law enforcement officers practice Oklahoma alcohol compliance laws India's Kerala High Court upholds alcohol ban ‘Urgent action’ needed to halt alcohol abuse in armed forces Capital Wine & Spirits donation will buy 600 turkeys for food bank Responsible Retailing Forum receives funding for two studies to test new strategies to reduce underage sales. (NEWS... Wet-Dry campaigns enter home stretch Florida's craft beer growler ban battle spills into federal court 'Don't risk it' warning on new drink drive limit Kids Hanging Out Campaign Educates Adults About Teen Alcohol Dependency (Immediate Release)
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