Funding at risk for program that equips parents to combat underage drinking

SALT LAKE CITY — Research shows that parents are the No. 1 influence in keeping their kids away from alcohol, which is why public health professionals in Utah are reeling after hearing that funding for their nationally recognized educational campaign, "Parents Empowered," is potentially on the chopping block.

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High-Tech Scanner Helps Vermont Liquor Control Bust Phony IDs

The Department of Liquor Control has collected more than 800 fake IDs since introducing a new high-tech detection scanner at bars and stores, mostly around the Burlington area.  The department received a grant to purchase 12 of the machines, which include a scanner and a sophisticated software program that matches the phony IDs against information from official state IDs.

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Montgomery County Department of Liquor Control (DLC) Launches High End Product Lottery

The Montgomery County Department of Liquor Control (DLC) is known as a national award winner when it comes to public safety and regulatory efforts that have a positive impact on the community.

Another way the DLC works for residents is by offering exclusive access to rare, hard–to-get, high-end products.

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Attorney General, Office of Revenue crack down on wine club shipments

When investigators with the Office of the Attorney General and the Alcoholic Beverage Control Division of the Department of Revenue ordered wine online, 22 out of 63 companies shipped to Mississippi.

The problem: It's illegal to ship alcohol into Mississippi. Also, some of them shipped to underage customers and into dry counties.