Could Scotland style minimum pricing tackle the North East of England's dangerous drinking culture?

Scotland is set to implement a minimum price for alcohol which health experts hope will help the country tackle its “significant” drink problem.

Scotland’s Government says it is currently possible to buy 14 units of alcohol for just £2.50. A drinker who consumes 14 units in one week puts themselves in the 'risk' category set in alcohol health guidelines. 

Liquor industry pressure puts abrupt stop to unique alcohol warning-label project in Yukon

It was touted as a world first: a project to put large, colourful labels on alcohol bottles to warn that drinking increases the risk of specific cancers, then study their impact.

But just a few weeks into the eight-month experiment, the Yukon Liquor Corporation has abruptly put the study on ice, citing pressure from the companies whose products are at the centre of the initiative.

Liquor industry calls halt to cancer warning labels on Yukon booze

It was supposed to be a public health experiment, backed by Health Canada and Yukon's chief medical officer of health.

For eight months, new, more prominent stickers would be attached to cans and bottles of alcohol warning of cancer risks associated with drinking and encouraging healthy habits around alcohol.

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Temperance is the new craft beer for drinks groups

LONDON, Dec 28 (Reuters Breakingviews) - With a teetotaller in the White House and strong demand for low-alcohol tipples, moderation is having a moment.  Greater health awareness and restrained consumption among young drinkers mean volumes of low- and no-alcohol beer will expand five times faster than traditional drinks in 2018.

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