Shortfall in alcohol excise duty inflow to total tens of millions

The estimated inflow of excise duty on alcohol has never missed the mark as severely as it has in the 2017 state budget, daily Postimees reports.  While the truth will be determined at the beginning of February, it can already be seen that there will be a shortage of €40-50 million compared to the €276.4 million included in last year's state budget, the paper said.

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Alberta liquor sector creating jobs, diversifying economy

By reducing markup and creating grant programs, the Alberta government is supporting the province’s liquor industry and helping businesses grow and thrive.
Since launching in August 2016, the Alberta Small Brewers Development Program has provided eligible small brewers with grant funding, giving recipients the flexibility to invest in their businesses, increase production capacity, launch new products, reach new markets, make important capital improvements and create jobs.

Plane Boozy - Can passengers drink their own alcohol on flights? Yes – but you can only do it this way

DRINKING on a flight is one of the ways to make it go a lot faster– but booze can be pricey when you’re in the air.

Unfortunately, you’re not legally allowed to serve your own drinks on a flight - plenty of passengers have been booted off planes for trying.

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Health expert calls for alcohol prices and bar licence fees to increase, saying taxpayers shouldn't be footing the bill

Professor Sally Casswell, director of Massey University's Social Health Outcomes Research and Evaluation Centre, says taxpayers are footing the bill for emergency rooms filled with people harmed by alcohol - and that needs to change.

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