Drunken Driving Bill Would Revoke Licenses Of Repeat Offenders

A bill that would revoke the licenses of repeat drunken drivers passed out of an Assembly committee on Tuesday.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation, according to the bill, would be required to revoke a person’s driver’s license if they commit four or more drunken driving offenses, or if they commit two or more drunken driving offenses along with two or more "qualifying convictions."

Brewery total continues to rise in Delaware, nation

The Brewers Association reported that that the number of breweries in the U.S. has risen to 6,000.  “Craft brewers continue to thrive if at a slower pace, fueled by a passionate community dedicated to bringing innovation, jobs, and beer across America—on Main Street and beyond,” said Bart Watson, chief economist, Brewers Association.

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ABC is ready to take liquor applications

Restaurants in the Gray Township in Jacksonville and Sherwood can now apply to sell beer, wine and liquor.  After receiving the Pulaski County Election Commission’s certified results of last month’s vote that overwhelmingly approved restaurants to sell drinks by the glass, Alcohol Beverage Control can now accept applications from restaurants wanting to expand their menu offerings.

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