It's illegal to get drunk in South Dakota bars. A 65-page proposal could change that.

If you’ve ever gotten drunk in a South Dakota bar, the establishment that served you was breaking the law.   A long-standing provision in South Dakota alcohol regulations makes it illegal for the owner of an alcohol license to “allow any person to become intoxicated on the licensed premise.”

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The Florida Keys are famous as a place to party. That's how they got the nickname "Margaritaville."

But the hard-drinking lifestyle is taking a toll on the residents. "We have the highest percentage of binge drinkers in the state of Florida," said Alison Kerr, spokeswoman for the Florida Department of Health in the Keys.  Binge drinking is more than just a cocktail or two after work.

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Alcohol Beverage Control Board votes to prevent distilleries from serving mixed drinks

On Jan. 23, the Alaska Alcohol Beverage Control Board voted 3-1 to approve new regulations prohibiting distilleries from serving and mixing cocktails. These new rules would require distilleries to serve the alcohol separately from the non-alcoholic ingredients, such as orange juice or cream. It would be up to the customer to mix it.

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Lawmakers go forward with liquor bills for Washington County

ANNAPOLIS — The Washington County delegation to the Maryland General Assembly agreed Wednesday to introduce legislation dealing with temporary liquor licenses.

The first would let the Washington County Board of License Commissioners issue a Class C "per diem," or one-day on-sale, license to a nonprofit organization during an event that is held away from its place of business and has an admission fee, ticket or donation.