2017 Administrators Conference - October 22 - 25, 2017

Session Speaker(s)
Advisory Committee Meetings
  • Advisory Committee Materials
The Modern Distribution Center
  • David Jackson, Keith Gill, and John Friel
  • Keith Gill - DHL Supply Chain
  • John Friel - Republic National Distributing Company
Making Progress on Impaired Driving
  • Steve Schmidt and Kim Morris
  • Steve Schmidt - NABCA
  • Kim Morris - MADD
Alcohol Litigation & the Regulator: Your Name Behind the “V”
  • Neal Insley, Kevin Martingayle, and Donald McGehee
  • Donald McGehee - Michigan
The Forensics of Fraud: Conducting Financial Investigations
  • Andrew Deloney, Scott Stryer, and Allan Bachman
  • Scott Stryer - ATF
  • Allan Bachman - Association of Certified Fraud Examiners
Capitalizing on National Accounts
  • Robin Dubendorf, Beth Borkosky, David Jackson, and Tony Dalton
  • Beth Borkosky - Fishbowl Spirits, LLC
  • David Jackson - NABCA
  • Tony Dalton - Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits
E-Commerce and EDI – Transforming Business
  • Amy Grollman, Michael Eubanks, and Jon Spence
Combining Social Media Messages of Marketing & Moderation
  • Tisha Albert, Liz Brassell, Joy Spencer, and Amy Waters
  • Liz Brassell - Pennsylvania
  • Joy Spencer - Oregon
  • Amy Waters - Ontario
Packaging Standards
  • Ed Hart, Ronald Holmes, and Nicole Milsap
  • Ed Hart - West Virginia
  • Ronald Holmes - Diageo
  • Nicole Milsap -E&J Gallo Winery
Outlet Density Odyssey: The Impact and Science
  • Nick Capezza, Nicole Carritt, and Dr. Debra Furr-Holden
  • Nick Capezza - NABCA
  • Nicole Carritt - US Alcohol Policy Alliance
Licensing Leisure Districts
  • Rebecca Ramirez, Rusty Hanna, and Martin Prevost
  • Rusty Hanna - Mississippi
SWOT Team Training
  • Jeff Painter, Richard Upton, and W. Eddie Wirt
  • Richard Upton - Upton Group
  • Eddie Wirt - Virginia
Moving Mindfully into E-Commerce
  • Maggie Barchine, Aimee Cronin, Stacy Kriedeman, and John Shiffer
  • Aimee Cronin - Drync
  • Stacy Kriedeman - Pennsylvania
Creating Safe Bars
  • Melanie Gaiotti, Sophia Papadimos, and Lauren Taylor
  • Sophia Papdimos - Ohio Department of Public Safety
  • Lauren Taylor - Safe Bars
The Modern “Government” Store Footprint
  • Ken Carter, Neil Graff, and Charles Mooney
  • Ken Carter - Brown-Forman
  • Neil Graff - Alabama
  • Charles Mooney - Pennsylvania
Implementing a New POS: Southern Style
  • Scott Crews, Mark Dokas, and Steve Shebuski
Control State Data: Building a Business Case for Reasons to Acquire & Examples of How to Use These Resources
  • Jerry Janicki, Jim Borders, and Rob Rubinstein
  • Jim Borders - Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits
  • Rob Rubinstien - Heaven Hill Brands
Telling the Story: Alcohol Regulation and the Three Tier System
  • Michael Lashbrook, Brannon Denning, and Pamela Erickson
  • Michael Lashbrook - Center for Alcohol Policy
  • Brannon Denning - Cumberland School of Law
  • Pamela Erickson - Public Action Management
A Briefing from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)
  • Patricia Powell, Ph.D
  • Patricia Powell, Ph.D

Annual Conference - May 22 - 25, 2017

Session Speaker(s)
Workshop I: “Alcohol Regulatory and Policy Update”
  • Susan Evans
  • Steve Schmidt and Neal Insley
  • Susan Evans, Steve Schmidt, Neal Insley
Workshop II: “How Control State Data Are Used By The States, The Brokers, and The Association”
  • Bill Schuette, Jim Borders, Jerry Janicki
  • Bill Schuette
  • Jim Borders
  • Jerry Janicki
Business Session I: "Diversity: Adapting to a Changing Workforce"
  • Deirdre Mahlan
Seminar II: “The Impact of Digital Retailing”
  • George Soleas, Danny Brager, Jordan Rost
  • George Soleas
  • Danny Brager and Jordan Rost
Business Session II: “Trade Talk”
  • N/A
Seminar III: “Side Effects”
  • Dr. Jon Caulkin
  • Marco Vasquez
  • Dr. Jon Caulkins, Marco Vasquez
Seminar IV: “Disaster Recovery”
  • Tom Cole
  • Dan Noble
  • Tom Cole, Dan Noble

2017 Legal Symposium - March 12 - 14, 2017

Session Speaker(s)
Registration and Networking Reception
  • N/A
The 21st Century Wholesaler
  • Richard Blau, Rod Diaz, Jesse Sweet and Craig Wolf
Trade Treaties
  • Dave Hamill, Robert Holleyman and Jesus Zorrilla
  • Jesus Zorrilla - Delegation of the EU to the US
The Neo-Bootlegger
  • John Wszelaki - American Center for Government Auditing
  • James Vann - ATF
  • Neal Insley, John Wszelaki and James Vann
Ethics: The Duty to Report
  • Seth Guggenheim - Virginia State Bar
  • Seth Guggenheim - Virginia State Bar
Craft Conundrum
  • Gloria Materre - Dinsmore & Sohl
  • Margie A.S. Lehrman - American Craft Spirits Association
  • Gloria Materre, Margie Lehrman, Curtis Coleburn and Renee Metz
Tied-House Exceptions
  • Mike Madigan - Madigan, Dahl & Harlan
  • John Harris, Ed O'Toole, Danielle Elks and Mike Madigan
When Innovation Meets Regulation
  • Nick Capezza, Magie Ozarowski and RJ O'Hara
  • Nick Capezza, Magie Ozarowski and RJ O'Hara
Pay to Play Investigations
  • Dave Berry - Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission
  • Ted Mahony - Massachusetts
  • Steve Schmidt, Dave Berry and Ted Mahony
Antitrust: Collaboration of Collusion?
  • James Goldberg & Walter Kelley
  • James Goldberg & Walter Kelley
New 1st Amendment Challenges to Alcohol Laws
  • Paul Pisano - National Beer Wholesalers Association
  • Brannon Denning - Cumberland School of Law
  • Lisa Soronen - State and Local Legal Center
  • John Lundquist - Iowa Department of Justice
  • Paul Pisano, Brannon Denning, Lisa Soronen and John Lundquist
The "Grey Market"
  • Mary Tortortice - Sazerac
  • Donald McGehee - Michigan
  • Mary Tortortice, Donald McGehee and Peter Willsey
Opening Pandora’s Box
  • Steve Humphress - Kentucky
  • Travis Hill - Virginia
  • Chris Herrington - Pennsylvania
  • Leo Gibson, Steve Humphress, Travis Hill and Chris Herrington