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NABCA Statistical Reports

The NABCA regularly publishes reports containing sales by brand, size, class and type of beverage alcohol. Reports span a granularity spectrum from sales by retail outlet and on-premise licensee to sales by Control Jurisdiction. Ad hoc reports, capable of displaying long-term analysis and comparisons, are prepared for individual users based upon their needs using the NABCA database. Because the Control States represent 25 percent of the distilled spirits market in the United States, comprehensive sales information generated in a timely and consistent manner can prove invaluable as a market research and analysis tool.


The NABCA’s New Statistics for Alcohol Management Data Warehouse is a data warehouse with a graphical, online analytical processing (OLAP) front-end that delivers instant access to monthly account-level information and more than three years of historical sales data. Monthly sales are maintained at the SKU level by licensee and retail outlet. For more information, please contact Jerry Janicki, Senior Vice President of Operations, at 703-578-4200.


Electronic Communication

The NABCA is a value-added network (VAN) for the Control States and their trading partners in the beverage alcohol industry. The NABCA has taken the necessary steps to provide Control States and suppliers with the services they need to transmit and receive business documents such as price quotations, daily bailment/inventory status reports and other text files.

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