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Control Jurisdictions Media Contacts

The following is contact details for the local representatives that media can call for information about a respective state agency:

Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board

Dean R. Argo 
Government Relations Manager
Email:  dean.argo@abc.alabama.gov 
Phone: 334-213-6330 (o) | 334-462-9007 (c)

Idaho State Liquor Division

Tony Faraca
Chief Deputy Director
Email:  tony.faraca@liquor.idaho.gov  
Phone: 208-947-9414

Jeff Anderson
Email:  jeff.anderson@liquor.idaho.gov  
Phone: 208-947-9402

Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division

Robert Bailey
Communications Director
Email:  bailey@iowaabd.com
Phone: 515-725-2260

Stephanie Strauss
Government Relations
Email:  strauss@iowaabd.com
Phone: 515-281-7432

Maine State Liquor & Lottery Commission

Tim Poulin
Deputy Director
Email:  tim.poulin@maine.gov
Phone:  207-287-6750

Maryland: Montgomery County Department of Liquor Control

Kathie Durbin
Division Chief, Licensure, Regulation and Education
Email:  kathie.durbin@montgomerycountymd.gov
Phone: 240-777-1917

Michigan Liquor Control Commission

Michael Loepp
Public Information Officer
Email:  loeppm@michigan.gov
Phone: 517-373-9280

Minnesota Municipal Beverage Association

Paul Kaspszak
Executive Director
Email:  kaspszak@visi.com
Phone: 763-572-0222

Mississippi Department of Revenue

Kathy Waterbury
Government Affairs and Communications
MS Department of Revenue
Email:  kathy.waterbury@dor.ms.gov
Phone: 601-923-7401

Montana Department of Revenue

Mary Ann Dunwell
Public Information Officer
Email:  mdunwell@mt.gov
Phone: 406-444-6700

New Hampshire State Liquor Commission

EJ Powers
Media Advisor
Email:  epowers@montagnecom.com
Phone: 603-644-3200 (o) |413-441-4772 (c)

North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission

Agnes Stevens
Public Affairs Director
Email:  agnes.stevens@abc.nc.gov
Phone: 919-417-0858 (c– preferred) | 919-779-8344 (o)

Ohio Division of Liquor Control

Matt Mullins
Spokesman for the Ohio Division of Liquor Control
Email:  matt.mullins@com.state.oh.us
Phone: 614-644-2556

Oregon Liquor Control Commission

Christie Scott
Public Affairs Specialist
Email:  christie.scott@oregon.gov
Phone: 503-928-0273 (c)

Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board

Elizabeth Brassell
Director of Communications
Email:  ebrassell@pa.gov
Phone: 717-783-8864

Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control

Terry Wood
Public Information Officer
Email:  ttwood@utah.gov
Phone: 801-386-3183 (c)

Vermont Department of Liquor Control

Theresa Barrows
Director of Marketing
Email:  tmvbarrows@gmail.com
Phone: 802-828-4932

Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control

Kathleen Shaw
PR Manager
Email:  kathleen.shaw@abc.virginia.gov
Phone: 804-213-4640

Becky Gettings
Director of Communications
Email:  rebecca.gettings@abc.virginia.gov
Phone:  804-213-4419

West Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control Administration

Gig Robinson
Public Information Specialist II (Spokesman)
Email:  gary.l.robinson@wv.gov
Phone: 304-356-5506 (o) | 304-541-0788 (c)

Wyoming Department of Revenue

Greg Cook
Email:  greg.cook@wyo.gov
Phone: 307-777-6448