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Control State Forms

The Control State Code (CSC) is a unique six-digit number identifying alcoholic beverage BRANDS and SIZES sold in the Control States. Distilled spirits and fortified wines are assigned a six-digit code that always begins with a zero, while six-digit codes for all other wines begin with varying numbers that are determined by type. In addition to the unique six-digit code, each product has a three-digit prefix to identify its class and a two-digit suffix to identify its size. The established structures are used to code the beverage alcohol products.

The Control State Coding System was implemented to provide the following benefits:

  • Centralized and reduced inventories
  • Shorter order lead times
  • More efficient, cost-effective warehousing
  • More accurate sales and depletion data

Not all of the Control States utilize the Control State Coding System. Here is a list of states that currently DO use the Control State Coding System:

Idaho, Iowa, Maine, Mississippi, Montana, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Wyoming

Here are the states that are NOT using the Control State Coding System, but instead are using their own coding structure and, therefore, do not require a CSC number:

Alabama, Michigan, Maryland’s Montgomery County, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, West Virginia

Control State Forms

  1. Online Control State Code Application
    The online CSC form is for MEMBERS only. Members please login to fill out and submit the CSC Application through the NABCA website.
  2. Hardcopy Control State Code Application
    Download, fill out and submit the CSC Application via fax or mail.
  3. Standard Quotation Form
    The Standard Quotation Form is accepted in all control states, except for the following:
    a. Montgomery County, MD - (240) 777-1900
    b. Michigan -
    c. North Carolina -
    d. Pennsylvania - (717) 783-7637
  4. Control State Code (CSC) Specification Manual