Purpose of Practice

Suppliers, distributors, and brokers have significant impacts on public safety through their own business practices. The Supplier Social Responsibility Survey was created to understand all the great work that is being done in this area by WSLCB suppliers, encourage best practices, and reward those suppliers that are making significant impacts.

Success or Improvements

Asking all suppliers that present new products to complete the survey has provided us the opportunity to communicate the kind of activities and programs that the Board feels are important in being a good supplier citizen in the alcohol beverage industry. Industry has been very engaged and provided good information about their social responsibility programs. This has also allowed us to bestow the first ever best‐in‐class supplier social responsibility award.

Evaluation of the Practice

The program is currently in the middle of a 1 year pilot. We have already gained some “lessons learned” and will be incorporating those into our recommendation at the end of the pilot.


The prevention community has expressed their support of the survey as a tool to encourage socially responsible supplier activities. DISCUS and the NABCA ISC have expressed some concerns, and we have worked, and will continue to work with them, to address their concerns.


Name: Frances Munez Carter 
Agency: Washington State Liquor Control Board 
Address: 3000 Pacific Ave., SE, Olympia, WA 98504 
Tele: 360-664-1716