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As a trade association representing all stakeholders in the alcohol industry, NABCA can serve as a resource on alcohol policy. Contact us with any questions or requests at 703-578-4200 or email

If you have questions, please contact Margaret Barchine – Director, Communications or call 703-578-4200, ext. 515.

What is NABCA

NABCA is a trade association that represents control systems; those states and counties that as a result of the 21st Amendment opted to implement the control model which requires ownership of an alcohol beverage product, usually spirits, at wholesale.  These systems control the distribution and sale within their borders. There are 18 control jurisdictions across the United States, including control municipalities in Minnesota, South Dakota and Alaska. All provinces/territories in Canada also adopted the control model and are members of NABCA, as are several countries.


  • Incorporated in Wyoming.
  • Established in January, 1938 in Des Moines, Iowa.
  • Celebrated its 75th Anniversary in 2012.
  • Non-Profit, 501(c)(6) organization.
  • Of the 19* jurisdictions that chartered NABCA in 1938 all are members today.
  • * NOTE: In June 2012, through a voter initiative, Washington became a licensed state. The Washington State Liquor Commission is still a NABCA member. Currently there are 18 Control Jurisdictions.
  • Board of Directors comprised of chairman from each Control Jurisdiction (listed below).


  • From 1938-1956, the chairman’s staff of each jurisdiction ran the day-to-day operations of the association.
  • 1956: Frank M. Krebs of Ohio moved HQ to Washington D.C. on 16th and K streets. Staff produced NABCA’s first data reports. Charles Buscher is named the first Executive Vice President.
  • 1966: moved HQ to the Barlow Building on Wisconsin Ave., Chevy Chase, MD
  • 1982: opened executive office on Oronoco St., Alexandria, VA
  • 1983: headquarters moved to 4216 King St., Alexandria, VA
  • 2006: headquarters moved to 4401 Ford Avenue, Alexandria, VA
  • 2019: headquarters moved to new location, 2900 S. Quincy St., Arlington, VA

Executive Directors and President/CEOs  (Title was Executive Vice President until 1979)

  • 1993-Present: James Sgueo, President & CEO
  • 1979-1993: Paul Dufek, President
  • 1966-1979: Dorothy Kelly, Executive Vice President
  • 1956-1966: Charles Buscher, Executive Vice President


Supplier Members

Supplier Members include industry members that represent the major manufacturers and importers in America’s multi-billion dollar alcohol beverage industry. These members account for more than 98 percent of the distilled spirits and 85 percent of the wine sold in the Control State market.

Broker Members

Broker Members include companies that serve as brokers for suppliers to sell their products in the Control States.

Allied Members

Allied Members include persons or firms not engaged in the manufacture or sale of alcohol beverages, yet conducting business with Control States and/or the alcohol beverage industry in some other manner.

*New: Allied Sub-Category (Public Health/Safety/Research): 

NABCA’s Public Health/Safety/Research membership is a subcategory of Allied membership. It includes individuals or organizations involved in educational institutions, law enforcement, research facilities, public safety organizations and public health agencies engaged in alcohol-related issues.
National, State and Local Association Members

Association members include national, state or local associations that are involved in the alcohol beverage arena. 

Governmental Members

Governmental members include state, territorial, county and foreign governmental agencies responsible for controlling and/or regulating the distribution and sale of alcohol beverages.

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