White Papers

  • The Public Health Considerations of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (March 2018)
    This white paper outlines recent research on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) and highlights several states in their efforts to prevent FASD.
  • Powdered Alcohol: An Encapsulation (October 2017)
    Powdered alcohol products were approved by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Bureau in 2014. This white paper explains what powdered alcohol is, the history behind the product and recent trends in the product both domestically and internationally. 
  • Native American Nations & State Alcohol Policies: An Analysis  (August 2017)
    This white paper seeks to outline the history and intricate legal dynamic between Native American sovereignty and the authority of states to regulate alcohol under the 21st Amendment.
  • Sunday Alcohol Sales: History and Analysis (July 2017)
    Alcohol sales on Sunday have a longstanding history in the U.S. alcohol policy landscape. This white paper discusses the historical context of these “blue laws”, their rationale and the erosion of prohibitions of Sunday alcohol sales in recent years.
  • Alcohol Technology in the World Tomorrow (May 2017)
    This white paper explores how alcohol regulation will look in the world tomorrow with new technology advancement impact everything from online sales platforms, distribution of the product, automated dispensing machines and cash-back apps. 
  • Grocery and Convenience Store as Alcohol Outlets (December 2016)
    The push toward consumer convenience has driven increases in states adopting alcohol licensing for grocery and convenience stores. This white paper explores this licensing trend, the public health and safety concerns related to increased licensing and provides state-specific examples of their attempts to balance the economic and health considerations.
  • Dry America in the 21st Century (June 2016)
    This white paper explains the concept of wet/dry jurisdictions, the rationale behind them and the trends surround wet/dry jurisdiction across the country.
  • Wet and Dry Counties: Control and License States (June 2016)
    This report provides an overview of whether a state allows localities to choose to be a wet or dry jurisdiction and lists wet and dry jurisdictions in each state.
  • Craft Alcohol: Research and Legal Analysis (March 2016)
    Craft alcohol has reshaped the alcohol marketplace and how states treat craft products for regulatory, taxation and licensing purposes varies across the U.S., creating a complex policy environment. This white paper provides background on the craft product movement along with the legal and economic considerations that continue to be debated in state legislatures throughout the country.
  • The Three-Tier System: A Modern View (March 2015)
    This white paper on the three-tier system seeks to help the public understand the history of the three-tier system, its benefits in creating a balanced and safe marketplace and its relevancy today.