National Alcohol Beverage Control Association (NABCA)
2900 S. Quincy Street, Suite 800
Arlington, Virginia  22206-2233

Phone: 703-578-4200
Fax: 703-824-3451
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J. Neal Insley
President and CEO

Eddie Wirt

David Jackson
Sr. VP Trade Relations, COO

Carmen Ford
Sr. VP, Internal Affairs/CPO


Robert G. Taylor
Director of Finance

Jay Manimaran
Accounting Supervisor

Rita Vargas
Accountant I


Tanyi Bumbray
Office Manager

Susan M. Soudrette
Executive Associate


Margaret Barchine
Director, Communications

Lisa Dixon
Membership Database/Website Manager

Human Resources and Administrative Systems

Shaunda Pyett
Sr. Manager, Human Resources

Legal Affairs

Larry "Buddy" Buckner
Director, Legal Affairs/Associate General Counsel


Katherine "Kate" Carrigan
Director, Meetings

Laura Yarborough
Sr. Meeting Planner

MIS Programs

Amy Grollman
Sr. Director, Data Architecture and Software Engineering

MIS Services

Steven Woyicki
Sr. Director, MIS Services

Vishnu Dorairaj
Technical Project Manager, Software Architecture

Kevin Green
Technical Manager, DBA Performance/Sr. Analyst

Rumi Haddon
Technical Manager, Data Modeling/Sr. Analyst

Linda Schmedding
Sr. Software Developer/Modeling Analyst

Donovan Luersen
Software Developer I

Data and Marketing Services

Robin Dubendorf
Director, Data and Marketing Services

Derrick Rollerson
Manager, SAM Help Desk/Data Services

Mike Ehtesham
Manager, Data Marketing Services

Monnika Reasoner
Supervisor Data Services/PQRS Administrator

Melissa Sims
Sr. Data Administrator/SAM Help Desk Specialist

Ann Saekoo
CSC Coordinator/Data Analyst

Anita Davis
Data Services/PQRS Specialist

Camryn Bellamy
Data Services Assistant

Carolyn Holland
Data Services Assistant

Greg Berlin
Data Marketing Services Assistant

Public Policy

Terrance Merriweather
Director, Public Policy

Kedar Dange
Public Policy Analyst

IT Systems

Jerry Janicki, Jr.
Sr. Director, Systems

Carl Marcelin
Sr. Manager, Systems