The Price Quotation Reporting System (PQRS) is a dynamic web app that serves as a liaison between Control States and suppliers. Suppliers are able to manage products, submit monthly and quarterly FOB pricing, create files based on customizable filters and maintain all supplier contacts. Control States are able to view in real-time new and revised products, size extensions and FOB pricing. Control States have the ability to approve/reject new pricing directly in PQRS, thus streamlining the work-flow and creating a more "green" process.

The Control States currently active in PQRS are: Alabama, Idaho, Maine and Montana – with more to come!

To schedule a demo or learn how you can personally benefit from PQRS, please contact the Administrator.

PQRS Forms

If submitting for Alabama, Idaho, Maine or Montana, please click here.

If submitting for any other control state, please use one of these forms. 

Standard Quotation Form (PDF)

Standard Quotation Form (Excel)

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