Purpose of Practice

To use the results of a survey currently being conducted at the University of Washington to tailor an education and awareness program for college students directed at reducing the use of alcohol with energy drinks.

Description of Practice

Washington was one of the first states to ban alcoholic energy drinks. While this and the concurrent FDA action took these dangerous pre-mixed products off the market, the risk remains for those individuals who choose to consume alcohol combined with energy drinks. Through informal contacts with students on university campuses, those who work with students have found that misinformation, lack of awareness, and disbelief are causing students to continue to combine alcohol with energy drinks. The easy access to certain malt beverages with high alcohol content adds to the potential danger. Based on surveys currently being conducted, materials will be developed to provide colleges and universities in Washington with the tools to address this issue with their students. The College Coa lition, comprised of college staff members who address issues of substance use and abuse on their campuses, are involved in this effort.

Success or Improvements

This program is in the process of being implemented. Results will be sha red at a later date.


Name: Pat Kohler 
Agency: Washington State Liquor Control Board 
Address: P.O. Box 43080, Olympia, WA 98504 
Tele: 360-664-1703 
Email: pak@liq.wa.gov