Special Orders Guide

This Special Orders User Guide outlines how control jurisdictions handle temporary listings and special order requests for beverage alcohol products. It details what to do and whom to contact for each agency. Click on link below to review each jurisdiction.

Special Orders Guide



Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board

Melissa Jenkins, Pricing Manager
(334) 260-5438

Catherine Sistrunk, National Acct. Supervisor
(334) 290-4250

Special Order/Temporary Listing Process
  • New item
    • Request for Special Order Products made by Account or Supplier (on behalf of Account).
    • Supplier completes price quotation forms or new vendor packet.
    • Purchase Order placed by state with Supplier.
    • Product shipped to state warehouse then to local store for purchase.
  • Previously sold item
    • If inventory is available in warehouse: Product shipped to store for Account to purchase.
    • If inventory is available in another store: Product transferred to local store for Account to purchase.
    • If inventory is not available in warehouse or stores: Purchase order placed with Supplier.
Product Collection
  • All orders and products picked up by On-Premise Accounts at the nominated AL ABC Store.
Order Initiation
  • Supplier or Account
Minimum Quantity
  • All special orders must be in case quantities to the AL ABC.
  • Class E licensee may allow for bottle purchases.
Order Placement
  • Product available in store: immediate.
  • Product available



In-State and Craft Distillery in Control Jurisdictions

The In-State and Craft Distillery guide provides in-state vs out-state information related to craft distilling in control jurisdictions, i.e., bailment, listing an delisting, gallonage thresshold, direct delivery to licensees, etc. Click on link below to review each jurisdiction.

In-State and Craft Distillery Guide


Alabama ABC Board (AL ABC)

Brian Rodgers, Operations Director
(334) 260-5523


Bailment All suppliers treated the same.
Margins Same for all.
Listing Same for all products but in-state generally listed (in limited number of stores). No guarantee of listing.
Delisting Products can and have been delisted due to poor sales but consideration applied where possible.
Initial Distribution Limited distribution based on locations near distillery and targeted areas.
Separate Shelf Location No
Distillery Store Sales Yes.  To customers but limited to 1 bottle 750ml per person per day.
Gallonage Threshold No
Direct Delivery to Licensees No