Purpose of Practice

Call the Shots is an interactive web and print media campaign designed to raise awareness about the risks of excessive alcohol use among 21-29 year olds. The campaign included posters and coasters in bars, ads on social media and a website controltonight.com.

Description of Practice

Initial focus groups showed that many young people in the 21-29 year old age group feel they do not drink too much, but most say they have a friend who does. The idea behind this campaign was to approach the matter by urging friends to look out for each other. The campaign features scenarios which show potential outcomes of a night of excessive alcohol consumption. Some of the more serious outcomes were depicted in an uncomfortable, but real outcome, in order to grab the attention of young drinkers, and alert them to the potential dangers of excessive alcohol use. The associated website, controltonight.com, also contains a “field guide” to with tips on how to handle different situations which may arise when your friends drink too much. http://controltonight.com/


The company that designed the site was honored with several American Advertising Awards (ADDY) from the Philadelphia Ad Club, including “Best of Public Service Mixed Media” Recognition.


Name: Jerry W. Waters, Sr., Directory of Regulatory Affairs 
Agency: Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board 
Address: Northwest Office Building, Room 513, Harrisburg, PA 17124 
Tele: 717-787-7963 
Email: jewaters@pa.gov