Purpose of Practice

Improve the decision making, receiving, distribution, and sales of Co-Packs and Value Added Packages:

Description of Practice

  1. Holiday Gift Items Process for considering Holiday Gift Items begins in May preceeding the Holiday season. Suppliers are encouraged to provide color photos, price quotes and information sheets, and most importantly how many are available to Idaho. A Special Listing Committee considers all proposed items, especially with price, and popularity in mind. Prior sales are primary considerations. Once the product line is decided, a color catalog is sent to all store managers and agency operators, along with an order form. Orders are reviewed and modified by District Managers and then summarized. Summarized orders become the basis for Idaho’s order. When products arrive they are allocated out according to pre-orders, usually as soon as they arrive.
  2. One-time Co-Packs or Value Added Packages: Suppliers provide color photos of VAP, along with price quote, proposed store allocation, Idaho’s total allocation and sales information. These are forward on to the 4 District Managers for consideration and to approve or modify allocations. Once DM’s approve, Idaho supplier rep is advised and product ordered. The allocation of the products are delayed by one week to provide store managers the opportunity to “back off” standard order and allow the value added pack to arrive without inflating inventories. This is a new process and helps reduce state ownership of inventory.

Evaluation of the Practice

Store Managers seem to appreciate opportunity for input, to realize what’s being shipped and a chance to back off standard orders to accomodate VAP’s.


Name: Bill Applegate, Product Manager 
Agency: Idaho State Liquor Division 
Address: 1349 East Beechcraft Court, Boise, ID 83716 
Tele: 208-947-9400 
Email: bill.applegate@liquor.idaho.gov