Purpose of Practice

Develop a capability to collect funds in our stores to support state-wide disaster relief initiatives.

Description of Practice

Last year, Virginia was hit with multiple devastating tornadoes that destroyed or severaly damaged several towns across the state. Hundreds of people were left homeless as a result of the destructive forces of the tonadoes. relaizing that Virginia had 335 ABC stores across the Commonwealth, a plan was developed to collect disaster relief funds through the stores Point of Sale (POS) systems. The team was assembled to design the code specifications, develop a marketing plan within the stores, and to develop a communications plan to the public. The plan was put together and within 6 weeks the agency went "live'" and started collecting funds for the tornado relief drive that was initiated by the Governor of Virginia.

Success or Improvements

To date, the agency has collected over $185,000 towards the Tornado Disaster Relief fund.


The team and each team member received letters of Appreciation from the Governor of Virginia and the Secretary of Public Safety.


Name: Steve Fox, Chief Information Officer 
Agency: Virginia Department of ABC 
Address: 2901 Hermitage Road, Richmond, VA 22326 
Tele: 804-213-4483 
Email: stephen.fox@abc.virginia.gov