Purpose of Practice

To inform the management staff of their departments progress on a weekly/yearly basis.

Description of Practice

Attached are a copy of the following reports listed below: 1. Nightly Billing Summary - This report shows the case movement on a daily basis from each pick zone, gives a weekly summary of the same information and shows the mark-outs each day. 2. Receiving vs Shipping - This report shows daily the number of cases received and shipped, the number of trucks unloaded for product received, a weekly summary of the same information and the number of shipping errors. 3. Damage Report - This report shows the number of cases that are damaged due to receiving, shipping or handling on a daily basis. It also calculates the cost of the damaged product to the state.

Success or Improvements

Sending the reports out weekly, and meeting with the associates has lowered shipping errors. It has also helped in projecting the work load on a daily basis and assigning associates to cover the work load.


Our accuracy rate has improved. Our fill rate has improved. Our damage rate has improved.


Name: James Eubanks 
Agency: Mississippi ABC Board 
Address: 1286 Gluckstadt Road, Madison, MS 39110 
Tele: 601-856-1383 
Email: jeubanks@mstc.state.ms.us