Purpose of Practice

To address staff and safety issues in the facility.

Description of Practice

Every quarter, I pick six (6) associates from both shifts and we meet on all issues concerning our operation. There are no other managers attending the meetings other than myself. I have the associates do safety checks on the equipment, warehouse walk throughs, and we discuss any issues with supervisors, practices or procedures.

Success or Improvements

Starting the Safety Committee has improved the relationship between management and the associates. It keeps upper management informed of any issues in the warehouse with the equipment and with management staff. It gets the associates involved in the policies and procedures process.


It has improved communication between associates and upper management. It helps prevent any issues with equipment and the warehouse. It has given the upper management a different perspective to view the entire operation.


Name: James Eubanks 
Agency: Mississippi ABC Board 
Address: 1286 Gluckstadt Road, Madison, MS 39110 
Tele: 601-856-1383 
Email: jeubanks@mstc.state.ms.us