Purpose of Practice

To help new licensees be successful through OLCC educating them about their responsibilities in complying with liquor laws.

Description of Practice

In 2010 the OLCC began a new statewide program to provide new licensees with resources to be successful. In this new program, called "First Call," OLCC inspectors visit newly licensed businesses. This includes new outlets, changes of ownerships and those who have restrictions placed on their license. Inspector visit within 90 days of the license issuance to give the new licensee education and information, rather than to check on compliance. The pro-active visit also gives the licensee a personal contact with the OLCC, helping to develop a relationship that can further serve to ward off problems before they escalate into serious violation. When the inspector calls on the licensee, the inspector gives him or her a packet of information. The information is also available through the OLCC Web site with this link:http://www.oregon.gov/OLCC/docs/service_permits_and_server_ed/first_call_packet_2010.pdf Topics include common violations and how to prevent them; preventing minors from obtaining alcohol; free training opportunities available through OLCC, 50 signs of visible intoxication and the good faith effort law, and an industry trade group resource list.

Success or Improvements

Between the October 1, 2010 and January 31, 2011, inspectors made 149 "first calls" throughout the state. These are 149 unique contacts made due to the program.

Evaluation of the Practice

OLCC expects the program to contribute to overall reduction of liquor law violations in the state, and continued improvement of compliance demonstrated by minor decoy compliance rates.


OLCC is nominating this video for a NCSLA Fourth Annual Best Practices Award.


Name: Rudy Williams 
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