Description of Practice

Violation of the many Regulatory and Statutory requirements we have on the books are not threats to public safety but, they are important to day to day operation nonetheless. Violations such as (but not limited to) improper record keeping, low lighting, not displaying their licenses in a public area, paying employees under the table etc… are not likely to garner noteworthy suspensions or even perhaps an appearance before the Liquor Control Board. However, we still need to insure compliance with these requirements. In order to do that, when we find a licensee in violation of a “non threat to public safety” type rule or regulation, we administer an Administrative Violation ticket to the licensee which carries with it a monetary penalty much like a traffic or speeding ticket. The licensee can then decide to pay the fine if they were in violation or they could request a hearing before the Liquor Control Board to fight the allegation. Regardless, we have found that when a licensee is faced with a potential fine for not being in compliance, it is enough of a deterrent for that licensee to make sure they and their employees do not violate Vermont’s rules and regulations.


Name: William J. Goggins, Chief 
Agency: Education, Licensing & Enforcement Divisions / Vermont Department of Liquor Control 
Address: 13 Green Mountain Drive, Montpelier, VT 05602 
Tele: 802-828-2339