Purpose of Practice

To address staff and safety issues in the facility.

Success or Improvements

As suppliers and ABC Staff have become more aware of inventory management practices through the use of these reports, many suppliers have taken steps that have resulted in measurable improvements. Product outages and inventory levels have been reduced substantially since 2006.

Evaluation of the Practice

In March 2006 inventory levels were at 482,543 with 104 product outages. From March of 2006 to March of 2007, inventory levels at the Miss-ABC dropped 127,900 cases or 27% while out of stocks dropped by 28%. Inventory hasn't approached March '06 levels since.


Presented as a "Best Practice" at the October 2007 NABCA Administrator's Conference.


Name: Dirk Robertson, Director - Purchasing 
Agency: Mississippi Alcohol Beverage Control 
Address: P.O. Box 540, Madison, Madison, MS 39130 
Tele: 601-856-1342 
Email: droberts@mstc.state.ms.us