Purpose of Practice

To educate and train sworn police officers by increasing their knowledge about and enhancing their capacity to enforce underage drinking laws in their jurisdictions.

Description of Practice

The PLCB offers four (4) different classes: 1.Controlled Party Dispersal- Full Day (6 hours) with Mock Party practical exercise • Effective enforcement strategies (briefing, approach, entry, sweep and control, and processing) • Locating and acquiring community resources and assistance • Controlling large parties with a small detail of officers • Review state and local laws, ordinances, and case law 2. Fraudulent Document Recognition- Full Day (6 hours) • Discuss various types of false identification • Techniques for detecting fraudulent documents • Examples of real and fraudulent documents • Hands-on activities for identifying real and fake IDs 3. Source Investigation Project (SIP)-Full Day (6 hours) • Techniques for locating the “furnisher” of alcohol to persons under 21 • Discuss methods for investigations, warrants, and evidence collection • Identify additional resources and potential partnerships • SIP Guidebook provided 4. Same PAGE (Pennsylvania Alcohol Guidelines for Enforcement) - Half- Day (4 hours) • Achieving consistent and successful prosecution of alcohol violations • Establishing the Elements of the Case • Review the most common alcohol related offenses • Discuss relevant case law and statutes

Success or Improvements

Since 2007, the number of training classes conducted has continued to increase, allowing more enforcement personnel in Pennsylvania to benefit from current information about underage drinking age enforcement practices. Additionally, through their feedback we have been able to tailor the curricula to meet enforcement personnel training needs and skill levels.

Evaluation of the Practice

Participants complete an evaluation form at the end of each training session. The results of the evaluations has led to a favorable response through the knowledge they have learned through the trainings.


Name: Jerry W. Waters, Sr. Director of Regulatory Affairs 
Agency: Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board 
Address: Northwest Office Building, Room 513, Harrisburg, PA 17124 
Tele: 717-787-7963 
Email: jewaters@pa.gov