Purpose of Practice

This practice was put in place to allow vendors and owners of our agency liquor stores accessibility to their account via an on‐line program. It allows for 24/7 access to information pertinent to their business.

Description of Practice

The Montana Liquor Control Division believes that account information should be readily available to its customers when they want it. That is why the division has an on‐line program that allows customers to logon and retrieve specific information 24 hours/7 days a week. Both vendors and agency liquor store owners have this ability. Liquor vendors are able to view and use: - Monthly depletion reports - Stock status levels - Weekly transaction reports - Calculators to determine product pricing Liquor store agents are able to view and use: - Invoices for specific orders - Adjustments to specific invoices - Store order details - Special order requests pending arrival Other items customers are able to retrieve on‐line include: - Quarterly price book files - Contact information for local brokerages/representatives - Forms to submit specific information - Division’s annual financial report In order for a vendor or liquor store agent to view the specific account information above, they must first register through our Taxpayer Access Point program found at our web site. Registration is free and easy to use. Users are not limited on the number of account IDs created and may access the information when it is convenient for them.


Name: Steve Swanson, Distilled Spirits & Program Manager 
Agency: Montana Liquor Control Division 
Address: Mitchelle Bldg., Room 455, 125 N. Roberts, Helena, MT 59601 
Tele: 406-444-0737 
Email: sswanson@mt.gov