Purpose of Practice

To save money and time and to provide information real time to customer.

Description of Practice

Each time a customer made an order, an invoice was printed and mailed. A monthly summary of the daily orders was also sent to the permittee at the end of each month. The daily invoices are no longer mailed as they can be accessed on line in each premittees' order history. The monthly summaries continue to be mailed. The customer receives the information faster, and this process saves ABC time, paper and postage.

Success or Improvements

The customer invoices do not have to be printed out and mailed. Employee time, paper and mail fees are saved. The customer has access to the invoice much sooner.


Name: Patsy Holeman 
Agency: Alcohol Beverage Control 
Address: P.O. Box 540, Madison, MS 39130 
Tele: 601-856-1302 
Email: phoelman@mstc.state.ms.us