Purpose of Practice

To educate and train more employees from both the on sale and off sale establishments.

Description of Practice

NH Liquor Enforcement launched an online training course for all waitstaff/clerks through "MOODLE", which is an on-line training program. The program enables any employee either on-sale or off-sale, to create a log-in and take a training course. At the end of the course they receive a certificate that they can print from their own personal computer. The course is free of charge. Our course is available by accessing http://training.liquor.nh.gov/emoodle/

Success or Improvements

The success of the program has enables hundreds of employees to complete a state training course at their own leisure. We have seen our training numbers increase rapidly.


Name: Lt. Valerie Smith 
Agency: NH Liquor Commission Division of Enforcement & Licensing 
Address: 57 Regional Drive, Suite 8, Concord, NH 03301 
Tele: 603-271-3929 
Email: vsmith@liquor.state.nh.us