Purpose of Practice

Speed time to Market, Add "hot" new products, reduces number of products presented at full Listing Meetings.

Description of Practice

Each month ISLD will consider new products from suppliers. Emphasis is placed on products that are either new entries into the marketplace or may be products that have been previously declined for which there are strong emerging market statistics. Idaho Supplier Representatives are required to submit a very detailed new product information sheet, showing surrounding NW Control State case costs, Control State or Licensee State sales numbers and other information. Samples and information are due at ISLD by the 1st of each month, ISLD will make final decision by end of that month. If rejected, product must "stand out" until next regular Listing Meeting.

Success or Improvements

We have listed 4 New products, and 2 Seasonal Products via the Quik-List and at least 1 of the New products has achieved it's 12 month Gross Profit Goal within 4 months of approval. 11 Products were not approved, 4 came back to February 2011 Listing Meeting and 2 were approved for New Status.

Evaluation of the Practice

Success will be measured when products listed via Quik-List achieve their annual Gross Profit Target before the 12 month Trial period.


Supplier Representatives seem to like being able to bring innovation products in sooner. It seems to have reduced the number of products to be considered at the Listing Meeting.


Name: Bill Applegate 
Agency: Idaho State Liquor Division 
Address: P.O. Box 179001, Boise, ID 83717 
Tele: 208-947-9456 
Email: bill.applegate@liquor.idaho.gov