Purpose of Practice

Safety Alliance Program: Public Policy Leadership, Community or Other Training, Online Licensing Process, Data Collection - To disseminate county specific licensing and regulation information to licensed establishments and stores, and aid the public with business licensing procedures through research and education.

Description of Practice

Quarterly, the Outreach Office hosts a meeting of county code enforcement agencies to network and share program and trend information. This essential public safety information to licensees is disseminated to licensees through the DLC’s Outreach Office. Public policy and information is researched and packaged based on community needs.

Success or Improvements

Never before has Montgomery County code enforcement come together to network and share trend information. The result has been identification of common issues that have evolved into joint enforcement and educational programs. Due to the recognized need, a licensing flow chart for restaurants and special events was created and posted online. The Safety Alliance provides a collective knowledge base that has allowed for Montgomery County DLC to participate in a national Economic Study on nightlife in Wheaton, MD by the Responsible Retailing Forum. Measuring the economic impact of evening activities will help the county provide valuable resources to reduce crime and build on a safe vibrant nightlife.

Evaluation of the Practice

A sharp increase in public information handled by the Department of Liquor Control shows an increase in information sharing to the business community. Owners and Managers are contacting the DLC, Outreach Office for questions relating to code enforcement and licensing needs beyond the scope of their alcohol license. The DLC Outreach Office often acts as a liaison between code enforcement and licensed businesses. The Economic Study Nightlife Study results and recommendations will be used by the Safety Alliance to make changes to public safety operations.


Name: Emily Detitta 
Agency: Montgomery County Maryland Department of Liquor Control 
Address: 16650 Crabbs Branch Way, Rockville, MD 20850 
Tele: 240-777-1904 
Email: emily.detitta@montgomerycountymd.gov