Purpose of Practice

The “One Time Buy” program offers various products to WY retailers for a temporary period of time (usually one month), in limited supply, without the product having a permanent listing status.(2012)

Description of Practice

The licensed WY sales representative or vendor advises WLD of a particular program or product promotion by submitting a WY vendor quotation and specification form. Upon review WLD makes the determination of potential sales. Approved products are featured on the monthly sale sheet, and given a special advertising spot on the ELIQUOR on line ordering web site. The product is purchased one time, and the quantity purchased is based on anticipated sales for one month. The product is made available to sell to WY retailers during a pre-determined month by the bottle or by the case until all inventories are depleted. “One Time Buy” items may be specific to spring, summer, fall, or holiday seasons.

Success or Improvements

The “One Time Buy” program gives WLD the ability to offer WY retailers additional products without maintaining a permanent listing; therefore eliminating the maintenance of a listed item and the volatility of listed products. The “One Time Buy” program provides the opportunity to swiftly move and turn over product sales, stimulating additional revenue.

Evaluation of the Practice

Successful sell out of all product inventory within the designated month.


Retailer’s participation and high satisfaction level with the “One Time Buy” program. Vendors are exceedingly appreciative of the opportunities the “One Time Buy” program offers and the viable partnership with WLD to promote and sell products not otherwise listed.


Name: Sandra Sanchez 
Agency: Department of Revenue, Liquor Division 
Address: 6601 Campstool Road, Cheyenne, WY 82002 
Tele: 307-777-6451 
Email: sadra.sanchez@wyo.gov