Purpose of Practice

To promote public safety by ensuring licensed premises are in compliance with the liquor laws of the state by conducting high visibility enforcement, which may include partnering with other state and local agencies.

Description of Practice

The Saturation Patrol Program is designed for several teams of enforcement staff to conduct compliance checks of all licensed premises in a geographic area at one time. Sometimes OLCC teams up with local law enforcement to conduct walk-throughs of licensed businesses. This allows the OLCC and local law enforcement to visit many more premises than could be conducted by one or two OLLC inspectors, and provides high visibility for the industry and their patrons. This program is a good way to check for compliance in an efficient manner. It is also effective to partner with local law enforcement, and other agencies such as fire marshall, health department, code enforcement and etc. to check on a wide variety of areas. This is especiallly effective in problem areas. Any district or area within the state could be selected at any time, based on recent activites or other factors deemed appropriate by the OLCC regional manager. Please see attached procedure for more detail.

Success or Improvements

This program has provided the opportunity to check on more licensed premises in a geographic area in a more efficient manner. It also provides a safer situation for enforcement staff to do compliance work in teams. By partnering with other agencies, we are able to provide training to them on liquor laws and also learn from them on compliance issues in their area of responsibility.


Name: Linda Ignowski 
Agency: Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) 
Address: 9079 SE McLoughlin Blvd., Portland, OR 97222 
Tele: 503-872-5115 
Email: linda.ignowski@state.or.us