Purpose of Practice

To train people who serve alcohol in retail settings to do the following: detect signs of impairment and intoxication; effectively cut off service to a customer who has had too much to drink; identify underage individuals, and deter minors from coming into the establishment in the first place; detect altered, counterfeit, and borrowed identification; avoid unnecessary liability, and to help reduce alcohol-related problems (underage drinking, vehicle crashes, fights, etc.) in communities across Pennsylvania.

Description of Practice

Legislation enacted June 18 of 2001 established a voluntary Responsible Alcohol Management Program certification that provides incentives for licensees who participate. RAMP is the umbrella used to describe this collection of training and resources available to licensees and their employees. Completion of the program provides certification for two years. In order to comply, you must complete all parts of the program, which include: Owner/Manager Training, Server/Seller Training, New Employee Orientation, Signage and Certification Compliance Visit. Act 26 of 2006 mandates RAMP for any licensee found guilty of sales to minors or visibly intoxicated persons.

Success or Improvements

Since the program’s inception, each year the number of RAMP certified seller/servers has increased. In 2011, over 26,000 were approved; 2,000 more than the previous year. This year, the Server/Seller training component was made available online. Act 113 of 2011 established mandatory RAMP for owner/manager training to be completed within one hundred eighty (180) days of the Board’s approval of the appointment.


Name: Jerry W. Waters, Sr., Director of Regulatory Affairs 
Agency: Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board 
Address: Northwest Office Building, Room 513, Harrisburg, PA 17124 
Tele: 717-787-7963 
Email: jewaters@pa.gov