Purpose of Practice

To increase awareness and expectations for liquor stores to keep minors and V.I.P's from accessing alcohol.

Description of Practice

The Responsible Sales Training Program was developed to enhance Oregon liquor stores' overall liquor law compliance and prevent minors and V.I.P.'s from acquiring alcohol. All liquor stores are required to do this training, using the OLCC Responsible Sales Training Program. The program requires -- •All liquor store agents must have all current store personnel read the brochure “What Every Store Clerk Needs to Know About Selling Alcohol” and complete the alcohol selling quiz and view the DVD “It’s Your Job.” •All new store personnel to read the brochure and view the DVD prior to making their first sale of alcohol. A tracking log must be kept on file at the store indicating store personnel are complying with training requirements. Liquor store agents at their option may use additional training material. •The liquor agent issues a Responsible Sales Training Verification form to the staff when they complete the training. If a store sells distilled spiritsto a minor or visibly intoxicated person, all store staff, including the liquor agents, will need to complete Responsible Sales Training quarterly, for a year. Note -- Please see attachments: the two training pages, brochure, the quiz, and the tracking log. A copy of the DVD is available by request.

Success or Improvements

The program just began in late 2010.

Evaluation of the Practice

The program just began in late 2010.


Liquor store agents have accepted the required Responsible Sales program requirement with no resistance. Many agents have indicated this will help them heighten awareness with new and existing staff.


Name: Brian Fleming 
Agency: Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) 
Address: 9079 S.E. McLoughlin, Portland, OR 97222 
Tele: 503-872-5028 
Email: brian.flemming@state.or.us