Purpose of Practice

This initiative educates persons selling alcohol and persons serving alcohol regarding their legal responsibilities surrounding the product in bordering states. Students completing the single class will receive certification in both states.

Description of Practice

This initiative partners bordering Liquor Control Education agencies to provide certified alcohol and tobacco training to sellers and servers of the products.

Success or Improvements

This program has proven to be extremely valuable for owners of multiple retail locations. Many retailers own locations in more than one state and regularly employ staff who travels from one location to another, working in those various locations sometimes within the same week.

Evaluation of the Practice

This initiative has proven to licensees the ability to cut the costs of educating their staff by providing one-stop shopping for their educational needs with regard to state mandated training. It cuts down on travel expenses as well as hourly wages for both the attendee and their temporary replacement on the job.


Name: Kathy O'Hara, Personnel Administrator 
Agency: Vermont Department of Liquor Control 
Address: 13 Green Mountain Drive, Drawer 20, Montpelier, VT 05602 
Tele: 802-828-4934 
Email: kathy.ohara@state.vt.us