Purpose of Practice

The Supplier Scorecard provides monthly feedback to suppliers on their performance against key expectations, such as delivery, inventory availability, and customer service.

Success or Improvements

Suppliers have generally been very responsive in correcting the issues identified on the scorecard, because they can see their performance in “black and white”.

Evaluation of the Practice

In the first year of the program, the following is a sample of what WSLCB suppliers achieved: Out of stock instances were reduced by 55% Special Order lead time improved by 26% Suppliers not making their delivery appointments were reduced by 44%


The prevention community has expressed their support of the survey as a tool to encourage socially responsible supplier activities. DISCUS and the NABCA ISC have expressed some concerns, and we have worked, and will continue to work with them, to address their concerns.


Name: Frances Munez Carter 
Agency: Washington State Liquor Control Board 
Address: 3000 Pacific Ave., SE, Olympia, WA 98504 
Tele: 360-664-1716