Purpose of Practice

To create a method to evaluate impacts of proposed law, rule, or policy change

Description of Practice

In 2009, the Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB) responded to a recommendation from the Three Tier Task Force to create key impact measures to allow the agency to collect data to effectively show how policy or rule changes could affect the industry, consumers, the state, and society. An internal team of WSLCB staff identified the agency’s key impact measures and sources for collecting the data. The process to use the key impact measures was documented in the attached “Guidelines for Applying the Key Impacts Evaluation Tool to the Legislative Process” and shared with agency leaders.

Success or Improvements

As agency-wide projects are initiated, part of the project scope includes how the results will be measured. The Key Impact Measures are the source to help teams begin the discussion of how to measure and collect data on their project. In 2009, legislative proposals were evaluated using the key impact measures evaluation tool. In addition, any division submitting a project request must indicate which of the key impact measures will be used during to evaluate the effectiveness of the project outcomes.

Evaluation of the Practice

The practice is still new …..


The team’s efforts were recognized by the Board at a public meeting where the information and measures were shared with our stakeholders to explain the measures and data will be used for policy evaluation.


Name: Rick Garza, Deputy Administrative Director 
Agency: Washington State Liquor Control Board 
Address: 3000 Pacific Avenue, SE, Olympia, WA 98504 
Tele: 360-664-1600 
Email: rjg@liq.wa.gov