Purpose of Practice

This is a publication that has previously been provided to staff, licensees, brokers, and licensees to educate them on what is allowable under Iowa's liquor laws. The last time this book was published, printed and distributed was in 2000.

Description of Practice

Citizens of Iowa often use this publication; it is the one item that is most often requested from our Division as far as resources. This book is 11 years old and is in need of updating, with the NABCA grant we are going to be able to produce approx. 15,000 books to distribute throughout the state. This information is very beneficial for those opening a new establishment but is also relevant for current business owners to brush up on what is allowable under the law. Local law enforcement also uses this book however, there is a slightly different version of the book called the "black book" that is more specific in code terms/sections which is written specifically with law enforcement in mind. Once this publication is updated and sent to print the entire book will be available on IowaABD.com in a downloadable format. Topics covered in the book are; laws and regulations, penalties, administrative hearings and license information as well as a review of questions and answers.

Success or Improvements

This publication has been affective in educating the citizens of Iowa on alcohol laws it is approx. 100 pages and is written in simple lemans terms that are easy to follow. The text is broken up with relevant graphics to help illustrate relevant information. The book provides a tool for new businesses and is often use as a quick reference tool for current businesses.


Since this book is so far out of date we have received positive feedback from the public as well as stakeholders on the upcoming update of this publication. Some of the information is currently on our website but not in its entirety which makes it difficult to find the portion you are looking for in a hurry.


Name: Shannon Hagge 
Agency: Iowa Alcoholic Beverages Division 
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Tele: 515-281-3426 
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