Purpose of Practice

To improve service to distilled spirits customers in Oregon. • Provide customers with a fast, intuitive search engine to find distilled spirits in Oregon. • Provide one convenient Website to find Oregon liquor store information, such as store address, hours, phone number and directions.

Description of Practice

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) developed a Website to assist distilled spirits customers in finding liquor stores and products they desire. Daily, Oregon liquor agents submit distilled spirits store inventories to the OLCC. OLCC in turn posts product availability, per liquor store, on the Oregonliquorsearch.com Website. Please see the Oregonliquorsearch.com Website:http://www.oregonliquorsearch.com/home.jsp. After customers enter their birth date on the site’s home page, to show they are of legal age to purchase distilled spirits, customers may browse OLCC’s distilled spirits products be category or liquor store location. Customers can use product or location search boxes to search availability by mileage to a location. The Website uses Google Maps to determine the radius of a location, and then provides customers with store information, inventory and mapping options – such as driving directions. The OLCC worked with alcohol moderation interest groups when designing the Website, to ensure the site includes responsible drinking messages. To help protect the public safety, the Website home page highlights educational answers to questions such as: • What is the risk of giving alcohol to a minor? • How can I avoid becoming a victim of shoulder tapping? • When can a store clerk refuse to sell liquor to me? • How am I at risk if I give liquor to friends or guests who have had too much to drink? • How much liquor can I bring from another state?

Success or Improvements

Prior to this Website, customers had to phone the OLCC main office in Portland, Oregon for information about liquor stores. They had to call liquor stores directly to locate a product. Customers and OLCC staff save time with this innovative Website.

Evaluation of the Practice

OLCC keeps statistics on visits to the Web site. For just one month, January 24, 2010 to February 23, 2010, the site experienced: 1) 5,600 visits; 2) 42,400 page views; 3) pages per visit; 4) 3 plus minutes - average time on site; 5) 58% were new visits; and 6) 66% were from referring sites


Overall, anecdotal feedback has been very positive.


Name: Mark Hall, OLCC Information Technology Director 
Agency: OLCC
Address: 9079 9079 SE McLoughlin Blvd, Portland, OR 97222 
Tele: 503-872-5028 
Email: brian.flemming@state.or.us or mark.hall@state.or us