Purpose of Practice

To improve transparency and communication between the OLCC, its stakeholders, and the general public.


Description of Practice

OLCC has implemented a new Internet-based communication tool that offers OLCC stakeholders and the general public free email subscriptions on a variety of OLCC-related topics. This "GovDelivery" service electroniocally monitors the OLCC Web site for information updates. Those updates trigger automated and personalized text or email alerts to interested subscribers. OLCC implemented GovDelivery in May 2010, making 58 topics available. Examples include: News Releases, Current Rule Changes, New Liquor License Applications received, Proposed Rulemaking, Minor Decoy Operations, Commission Meeting agendas & minutes. The people who subscribe to the service include: licensees, servers, liquor store agents, local government, legislators, law enforcement, industry representatives, media, educators and the general public. The OLCC Web site has a link to subscribe to this service, as well as to all OLCC social media, under "Connect With Us." http://www.oregon.gov/OLCC/index.shtmlhttp://oregon.gov/OLCC/about_esubscribe.shtml

Success or Improvements

Since the implementation of GovDelivery, much more information has been made available on the OLCC Web site. This has reduced the number of separate public records requests, since the information is otherwise readily available. In addition, users of the Web site no longer need to weed through the information looking to see if something happens to have an update. They can rely on the alert service to let them know if and what has changed. An added benefit to the OLCC is that the subscriptions are self-monitored. Subscribers can update their own accounts and add topics to their own list of alerts at anytime. If people want to be added or removed, they can do it all from the convenience of their own PC.

Evaluation of the Practice

Since May, 2010, OLCC has over 12,300 subscriptions. This shows the popularity -- and utility -- of the e-mail alert subscription service.


OLCC has been commended by local and state government officials for implementing this easy-to-use tool for citizens. The state of Oregon is considering creating a preferred vendor account for GovDelivery so that all Oregon agencies can purchase the service.


Name: Tom Erwin 
Agency: Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) 
Address: 9079 SE McLoughlin Blvd., Portland, OR 97229 
Tele: 503-872-5044 
Email: tom.erwin@state.or.us