Penn State Updates Responsible Action Protocol to Protect Students in Need of Medical Help for Overdose

Penn State has updated its Responsible Action Protocol to encourage more students to call 911 in case of emergency, even when the situation involves alcohol or drugs.
The university’s Responsible Action Protocol already protected students from disciplinary action if they are underage drinking or are under the influence of other drugs but call for help for another person in need.


College branding makes beer more salient to underage students

Major beer companies have rolled out marketing campaigns and products -- such as 'fan cans,' store displays, and billboard ads -- that pair beer with university colors, mascots, and logos. Research shows that such campaigns may enhance the motivational significance of marketed beer brands, especially for students who identify strongly with their university.

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New MIP law reduces legal consequences

One LSA freshman, who requested to remain anonymous, said he has paid almost $200, and will pay about another $400 in courts costs and up to $1,000 in probation fees. He also has to complete five days of community service, and though the student foresees a judge accepting his plea and giving him six to 12 months of reporting probation, combined with regular drug and breathalyzer tests, the repercussions aren't over.