Dear Colleagues:

As control systems, we are perfectly positioned to influence and impact the lives of our citizens by the functions we serve as revenue producer
and regulator of beverage alcohol. While these priorities may seem to conflict, it is what we do, and it is an important one as alcohol has the potential to be dangerous if not handled responsibly.

These two very different priorities pull us in opposite directions as we spend time “Balancing Conflicting Priorities”. As frustrating as this may be, if we concentrate on only one priority and lose sight of the other, today’s customer may be gone tomorrow. As a government agency, at times it seems next to impossible to satisfy our customers, which also include legislators, governors and consumers.

Reminding ourselves that we do not have the luxury of accomplishing only one of these priorities is critical as solving today’s problems does not mean we lose sight of tomorrow’s objectives. Maximizing Revenue and Reducing Public Harm Caused by Overconsumption are easy to identify, yet difficult to accomplish.

It is in trying to find success in both areas that NABCA’s 83rd Annual Conference has been thoughtfully developed to “Balance our Conflicting Priorities” both immediate and long term to ensure our relevance moving forward.

I look forward to seeing you in Arizona.

Dan Noble
NABCA Chairman of the Board



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