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NEW! Women. Alcohol. Health. - From Blackouts to Breast Cancer.

The Four Prohibited Trade Practices Violations for Beverage Alcohol


Changing Alcohol Use and ER Visits

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Unraveling the Mystery of U.S. Alcohol Regulation

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Using Technology to Inform Alcohol Regulatory and Enforcement Practices

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Three Part Series on Communications Crisis Planning:

Organizing and Writing the Crisis Communication Plan (Part III)

Preparing for Media & Public Communication (Part II)

This second webinar covers the fine points of what is needed to prepare in advance for communicating with stakeholders, the media and the public in a crisis. You will learn what is involved in developing:

  • Communication and access guidelines for the media
  • Internal and external communication protocols
  • Policies and procedures
  • Criteria for selecting spokespersons
  • Responses to reporters' questions
  • Social media strategies and tactics
  • Some methods to deal with public and internet hostility.

Getting Started (Part I)

This webinar discusses laying the groundwork for any crisis communication planning efforts by focusing on:

  • Why planning is necessary
  • The categories and types of potential crises
  • Ways to assess your specific risks
  • How crisis levels are defined and determined
  • Why planning by crisis levels is essential
  • What an effective Crisis Communication Plan should include

Fair Trade Practice:  Why we have those crazy laws.

Have you ever ordered a Coke and the server said, “Is Pepsi okay?” This is so because one company paid the retailer to carry only their products and exclude others. This is an illegal practice for alcohol. Honesty and fair dealing are important in the alcohol market because failure to abide by regulations can result in social harm.  This webinar connects the dots between laws which promote a fair marketplace and public health and safety. It is designed to explain…in simple terms… "why we have those crazy laws called trade practice regulations?" 

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The Three-Tier System of Alcohol Control

The United States has developed a unique regulatory three-tier system for alcohol that represents the foundation or framework for all of our regulations. But it is complex and not well understood. This webinar will decode it and address why we have it, how it works and what are its benefits.

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Getting the Most Out of Social Media

Monitoring what people say about you and your agency on social channels is important in building relationships with various publics and key stakeholders. Cavan Reagan Reichmann, of the full-service agency Spong addresses programs for "listening in" to conversations, drivers of activity in social media, and how your voice can be heard.

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Here an App, There an App

Mobile Apps are the craze and with Control States moving toward more efficient operations and with the agency’s desires to communicate, educate and keep up with current trends in technology, choosing to produce and or purchase an app may be overwhelming. In this webinar Pennsylvania talks about its retail app and Iowa discusses its education mobile site (app).


How effectively is your agency using Twitter? In this webinar members from two agencies discuss the basics of Twitter and best practices.

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There's An App for That

This webinar looks at a law enforcement app that allows citizens to report violations of sales to minors or intoxicated persons, after hour sales, and other infractions. 

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