During the period March 2020 through April 2021, the control states’ on- and off-premise markets behaved capriciously as opposed to their historically consistent behavior. The pre-COVID on-premise share of the control state market averaged 18%. During May of this year the on-premise share of the control state market, 16.1%, was less than 2% below its historical average, suggesting the on-premise marketplace recovery in the control states is continuing, as would be expected, as COVID restrictions are lifted. The on-premise shares of the control state market for the period January, 2020 through May, 2021 are: 18.5%, 18.8%, 9.5%, 0.9%, 3.7%, 10.2%, 10.6%, 11.3%, 12.3%, 12.4%, 9.2%, 6.3%, 9.9%, 12.4%, 15.4%, 16.3, and 16.1%, respectively.


On-Premise share of the Control State Market: Jan 2016 - May 2021



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